Boat Locks & Key Replacement

Orange County has 5,000 registered boats and 42 miles of coastline.

The bigger boats are moored in Orange County’s crowded marinas.

Boat and yacht thefts, while unusual, are costly. In California, only 56% of stolen boats are recovered. Boat break-ins are more common, where someone with access to the marina (or your driveway) steals expensive and virtually untraceable boat parts or supplies.

A boat quality lock can deter break-ins and theft. Periodically rekeying your boat is essential for security, even if you’re not upgrading the locks.

A boat

Locks & Keys for Boats

Our certified technicians can duplicate any boat key or replace any lock, including:

  1. Ignition locks & keys
  2. Compartment locks & keys
  3. Steering wheel locks & keys
  4. Outboard motor locks & keys

Even if you’ve lost your keys, we can determine the correct key shape and cut a new key to match. We’ll use a code cutter to generate a key based on the lock’s code, or we can create a key based on a mold of the lock.

But having the original key makes the duplication process easier, faster, and cheaper. Plus, some high-security keys may require specialized equipment.

One of your best options may be to go keyless.

We’ll create a keyless entry system that controls access to your boat via an app or biometric device. This way, you get the highest security and convenience without the risk of misplacing or losing your keys.

A key sits in a boat ignition

Balport’s lock technicians are:

  • Licensed, bonded, insured & background checked
  • Experienced & trained in the latest lockout techniques
  • Available 24-7 for emergency lockout services
  • Friendly & professional
Technician working on a lock

Rekeying vs Replacing Your Boat Locks

Rekeying your boat locks is often a better option than replacing them.

  1. Rekeying a lock is less expensive. We’ll change the lock pins and cut a new key without replacing the entire lock.
  2. Rekeying a lock is quicker than replacing it.
  3. Rekeying lets you keep the same lock hardware and only change the key. You don’t have to find new hardware to match older fixtures.
  4. Rekeying ensures that old keys will no longer work. Anyone with the old key will no longer have access to your boat.
A hand holds a key for a boat

High-Security Marine Locks

High-security boat locks incorporate advanced security features providing better protection against unauthorized access or theft.

These features include:

  1. Stronger materials: Hardened steel or titanium is more resistant to cutting or drilling.
  2. Complex locking mechanisms: High-security boat locks are more difficult to pick or manipulate. Some examples include double deadbolts, combination locks, or electronic locks requiring a code or fingerprint to unlock.
  3. Weather-resistant design: High-security boat locks can withstand harsh marine environments, including saltwater, UV rays, and extreme temperatures.
  4. Certification: High-security boat locks are often certified by industry organizations like the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) or the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to ensure they meet specific standards for strength and durability.
A boat at a dock

Contact Balport for Your Boat Locks & Keys

Balport has kept Orange County’s boats, autos, and homes secure since 1984. There isn’t a lock or marine security system we can’t install or repair.

Please call us if you need to rekey your boat locks or upgrade to a high-security system. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and offers the very best security for your boat.