Key Duplication (Cloning)

Most hardware stores offer a key-cutting service. Your local hardware can handle apartment and mailbox keys, but what about high-security keys? Boat keys? Smart car keys? Fobs for digital locks?

That’s where we come in. We can duplicate any key we’re authorized to copy, including transponders, sophisticated car keys, and remote fobs.

Our machines are calibrated to the highest standards, ensuring your key will always work. We have thousands of key blanks on hand. And we back every job with a satisfaction guarantee.

A key duplication machine

Types of Keys We Duplicate

We can copy most building keys on-site.

Car keys are a different animal. Advanced auto keys won’t work unless they’re programmed and synched with your car, so we offer car key duplication only in our shop and not at your home or on the lot.

The list of keys we duplicate includes:

  1. House keys
  2. Car keys
  3. Boat Keys
  4. Office keys
  5. Mailbox keys
  6. Safe keys
  7. Padlock keys
  8. Transponder keys
  9. Digital keys & fobs
  10. High-security keys
  11. Tubular keys
  12. Antique keys
  13. Skeleton keys
  14. And more! If you need a key made, chances are we can make it.
A tech operates a key duplication machine

What to Consider for Key Duplication

  1. Authorization: You must have permission to duplicate the key, especially for office or commercial properties.
  2. Quality of the key-cutting machine: Choose a locksmith that uses the highest-quality key-cutting devices to ensure accurate and reliable key duplication.
  3. Key security: Does the key meet your security needs? Who will have access to it?
  4. Emergency services: The company that makes your keys should offer 24/7 emergency lock-out services for urgent situations.
  5. Price and turnaround time: Most reputable locksmiths will provide an estimate of the cost and how long it will take to duplicate your key.
  6. Cost of parts: If you need a new set of keys, factor in the price of additional key blanks, fobs, etc.
  7. Experience: Your locksmith should have the expertise to duplicate all types of keys.
A tech talks to a customer about key duplication

It Pays to Keep a Spare Key

We use advanced key-cutting machines that scan the original key and copy the new key exactly. We can duplicate most keys on-site, excluding car keys and keys for some digital locks, which we program in the shop.

  1. Key duplication saves you time and hassle if you lose your keys or need a spare one.
  2. Key duplication is affordable compared to rekeying or replacing locks.
  3. A spare key ensures you can access your property without damaging locks or windows.
  4. Having a spare key gives you peace of mind.
A hand holds a spare key

High-Security Key Duplication

A high-security key has unique indents carved into the bit. These indents push against the shear bar side, pushing it out of the way to open the lock.

Each key has a code that only a professional locksmith can identify. Our certified technicians will correctly interpret these codes and duplicate your keys with the proper levels of security.

We support the following high-security keyways:

  • Assa twin
  • Lori restricted keyway
  • Schlage Primus
  • And more

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or request more information.

A tech operates a key duplication machine

Frequently Asked Questions about Key Duplication

How long does key duplication take?

At Balport Lock & Safe, basic key duplication takes less than 10 minutes. More sophisticated keys, such as those for digital locks or high-security keys, may require additional time for cutting or programming.

How much does key duplication cost?

The cost of key duplication depends on the type and complexity of the key. We provide an estimate before starting any job. Our prices for basic keys are comparable or better than those at your local hardware store.

Can a duplicated key open all the locks of the same type?

Not necessarily. Some locks have unique codes or features that require specific keys.

Is it legal to duplicate a key without permission?

It’s illegal to duplicate a key without permission. Always ensure that you have authorization before copying a key.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes, we do, but not for all key duplication services. Car keys and some digital locks must be programmed in our shop, so we can only duplicate them there. Most other types of keys can be copied on-site at a location of your choice.

What's the difference between key duplication and rekeying?

Key duplication is creating an exact copy of a key. Rekeying involves replacing the locks to use a different key. Rekeying requires more time and effort than key duplication, but it offers greater security if your keys have been lost or stolen.

Do you offer same-day service?

For most jobs, yes. Please call for details.