Commercial Locks, Keys & Security

Most business burglaries involve forcible entry. Some commercial locks are too flimsy to keep out determined intruders.

Unlocked offices invite opportunity theft. A purse, backpack, or cell phone on a desk becomes a tempting target.

If you have yet to invest in high-quality commercial locks, keys, and security systems to keep your business safe and secure, or if your aging locks are due for replacement, now would be the time to talk to us.

We sell and install:

  • High-security locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Master key systems
  • Access control systems
  • Magnetic locks
  • Deadlocks
  • Padlocks
  • Safes
  • Vault doors
Keypad for an access control system

Apartment Locks & Master Keys

We’ll install high-security locks for your tenants and create a master key system so you can enter any apartment or office under your supervision.

Our apartment locksmith services include:

Rekeying: If a tenant has moved out, we’ll change the locks on the unit so that old keys won’t work.

Master key systems: A master key lets you open all doors in the complex. Each tenant has a key that opens only their apartment door.

Lock replacement: We’ll replace any damaged or worn-out locks. And if you want to upgrade your security, we’ll install high-security locks on exterior doors.

Fob systems: Fobs are small electronic keys in a hardened plastic case. They can control entry to apartment gyms, laundry facilities, swimming pools, and other common areas. Fobs let you restrict access to certain hours of the day and monitor who comes and goes.

A hand holds a set of keys in the foreground with apartment buildings in the background

Balport’s lock technicians are:

  • Licensed, bonded, insured & background checked
  • Experienced & trained in the latest lockout techniques
  • Available 24-7 for emergency lockout services
  • Friendly & professional
Technician working on a lock

Commercial Locks & Security Systems

High-Security Door Locks

High-security door locks are much more difficult to pick or break than standard locks. High-security features include:

  • Hardened steel cores, which are almost impossible to drill through.
  • Bump-resistant pins are difficult to push out of alignment, which is how many standard locks are opened.
  • Anti-pick features make it tough for intruders to pick a lock.
  • Reinforced strike plates add extra strength to the door frame.
  • Heavy-duty deadbolts are harder to break than standard deadbolts.
A woman unlocks a high security door with her phone

Keyless Entry Systems & Access Control

A keyless entry system does away with keys altogether. You can open the door with a code, electronic key, or fingerprint.

Keyless systems are ideal for large commercial operations, where managing hundreds of keys is impractical, or for businesses with high turnover. When an employee leaves, you delete their code or key.

Some keyless entry systems come with access monitoring, which lets you track who comes and goes. For example, you’ll know who was in the office late at night or on the weekend,

Keyless systems are more secure than traditional keyed locks since no physical key can fall into the wrong hands.

The most popular access control systems are biometric, keypad, card key, fob, and magnetic.

  • Biometric door locks use your fingerprint, iris, or another physical characteristic to unlock the door.
  • Keypad door locks control access via a code punched into a keypad.
  • Key card door locks are the most common access control system in American offices (even Dilbert had a card key dangling from his neck.) Swiping the magnetized key card across a sensor releases the lock.
  • Fob door locks work like card key locks, but hard plastic-covered fobs are smaller and more durable than card keys.
  • A magnetic door lock uses a magnet to secure the door and can be released quickly in an emergency. Movie theaters and many office buildings install magnetic locks on emergency exits.
A person unlocks a hotel room door with a keycard

Commercial Rekeying Services

We can rekey all exterior locks of your business in just a few minutes and give you high-security keys that can’t be duplicated.

Other reasons to rekey your include:

  • You’ve lost your keys.
  • You suspect your keys have been stolen.
  • Someone has attempted a break-in.
  • An employee with a key has been terminated.
  • You’ve moved to a new location.
  • You own an apartment where the tenant has moved.
  • You want to upgrade your security.

Rekeying is much cheaper than installing new locks and just as effective. Call us today for a free quote on commercial rekeying services.

A technician rekeys a commercial door

Commercial Safe Installation, Repair & Opening

Safes are essential for businesses that handle large amounts of cash or valuables. A safe protects most valuable belongings from thieves who’ve forced their way in, maybe even during business hours.

At Balport Lock & Safe, we can install a new commercial safe or repair your existing one. We’ll open your safe if you’ve lost the key or combination and replace the lock.

Balport carries the largest selection of safes in Orange County, CA, including:

  • Wall safes
  • Floor safes
  • Depository safes
  • Fireproof safes
  • Burglary-resistant safes
  • Gun safes

Please visit our store to view our inventory. Or you can schedule a free consultation at your home or business.

A technician repairs the electronic system for a commercial safe